The first half of the year has been dominated by challenges caused by the Russian-Ukraine conflict. Thanks to hard and dedicated work of all involved parties, most of those demanding projects could be successfully managed on time. 

For us a proof, that our flexible and easy-to-integrate solutions are an optimum instrument to respond to needs for fast extension of aircraft operability and reliability.



In close cooperation with LET AIRCRAFT INDUSTRIES at Kunovice, a newly developed configuration of BECKER AVIONICS' brand-new digital intercommunication system AMU6500 with 3-D audio functionality could be established on L-410.  



After a very busy Q1/21, we would like to thank all involved technicians and managers of our cooperation partners for supporting the successful contribution on several additional aircraft new production programs.

The selected customized equipment will significantly increase the mission capability and flight safety of the aircraft while considerably lowering their maintenance cost.  




We always appreciate participation on modernization programs of older but exciting jets. Our reliable and simple-to-integrate solutions solving obsolescence problems without necessity of painful investments.



We proudly announce the additional representation of the Italian manufacturer of Intertial Navigation and Geo-Reference systems CIVITANAVI SYSTEMS. The scope of these high-end products provides close synergies to other products of our portfolio, in particular THOMMEN air data computers and -displays. 

November 14, 2020


In cooperation with Antonov's designers and specialists of AVEO ENGINEERING, the entire exterior and interior lighting concept of An-178 could be finished and the related contract has been mutually signed. 

September 01, 2020


We gladly inform about entering into a fruitful cooperation with ELYTRON AERONAUTICA (Torino/IT) in terms of UAV lighting. ELYTRON's unconventional aircraft designs enabling a wide range of applications from powerline/pipeline observation up to boarder patrol and surveillance missions. 

August 05, 2020


In response to COVID-19, AVEO ENGINEERING launched an extensive portfolio of VeoLite disinfections lights and air vents dedicated to all aircraft categories and for ground facilities.


Working on basis of near-UV and UV-C light, these products enable sustained disinfection of aircraft interiors, cargo bays, lavatories and working spaces. 


First installations on MEDEVAC-helicopters and cargo aircraft have been successfully completed, a large number of installations is in progress. 

June 10, 2020


With special thanks to the management of each of our cooperation partners, who kept a “cool head” and plenty of flexibility to overcome the lock-down, we gladly confirm that all ongoing projects could be continued or finalized without significant delays or interruptions.


During this period, we acquired a considerable number of new and very promising projects, confirming our philosophy, that optimism, dedication and sustainability will always succeed! 


In particular, we would like to say "Thank you!" to our customers, who professionally organized virtual meetings replacing personal attendance throughout the whole project management process!

January 20, 2020


Configured by AVIA COMPONENTS, first deliveries of AVEO's lighting kits for the French ELIXIR AIRCRAFT have been completed. 

The CS-23 certified "ELIXIR" features a "one-shot" carbon-fibre structure free from rivets, screws or glue.

It already created considerable interest on the market and looks forward to a promising future.

September 15, 2019


Within the scope of supporting Serbia’s ORAO 2.0 program (modernization of J-22 combat aircraft and NJ-22 trainers), equipment delivered through AVIA COMPOINENTS excellently passed through initial tests. This is a further proof of competence for efficient support of aircraft modernization, including those types with rather aged design.

August 25, 2019


AVIA’s long-time customer STORK PCF from Kyiv, Ukraine, successfully finalized the integration of BECKER AVIONICS’ ADS-B Transponder BXT6553 on board of Ilyushin Il-76 as basis for comprehensive fleet upgrades.


STC Il-76_DTL0233
PDF-Dokument [1.8 MB]

August 01, 2019


BECKER AVIONICS launches the intuitively operable and cost efficient digital map system AIRSCOUT.


Equipped with an integrated GPS-receiver, this compact and easy-to install system is ideally suited to improve the situational awareness by supplying supplementary navigation, terrain and traffic (if connected to FLARM) information. 

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